Welcome to The Lord's Chapel

The Lord's Chapel is a spiritual community that offers Sacred Space for the clear and conscious reflection of Divine Love and Acceptance.  By integrating and honoring the wisdom of the Heart and the teachings of many spiritual paths, The Lord's Chapel supports the Awakening of All.

The Sunday gatherings are a lovely melding of Christian, Native American and Eastern spirituality, providing the space for people to share the gift of themselves through music, dance, meditation, toning, readings, and personal sharing.

One of the biggest pieces of each Sunday’s gathering is the Sacred Communion, expressed through the heart-warmth of hugs and individual connection where all are welcome, unconditionally. The men’s and women’s circles offer the opportunity for more in-depth sharing, exploration and growth.

The Lord’s Chapel is also used by members of the community to provide meditation techniques, movement, manifestation workshops, personal readings, and a wide variety of massage therapies (including Reiki, Chi Chung, and accupressure).