Our Community

At The Lord's Chapel, we welcome diversity! Our community is a rich and vaired gathering of seekers and sages from all walks of life. Following are a sample few who consider The Chapel to be their spiritual home.

Sue Adams

A woman of vision, Suwaylu Anniah is the founder and Minister of The Lord’s Chapel. With a strong background and long history as a Minister in more conventional settings, Suwaylu had a vision to build a chapel (The Lord’s Chapel) to provide her community with a charismatic spiritual venue of worship. For over 37 years she has provided the congregation and welcomed guests her in-depth knowledge of the practices and beliefs of religions and spiritual practices from around the world. Her unique style of Sunday Service including invocation, communion and healing circle all create an energy within each individual and synergy within the group.
In addition to her work with The Lord’s Chapel, Suwaylu is the founder and steward of The Land Celebration, the Chapel’s 40 acre recreational facility located in Virginia’s Blue Ridge Mountains. Over the past 20 years Suwaylu has transformed this property into a sacred spiritual experience with overnight accommodations for up to 50 people (plus camping). Many groups and organizations use The Land Celebration as their retreat destination.
Professionally, Suwaylu offers spiritual consult to individuals and groups. Pulling from her extensive background in spiritual practice and community service, Suwaylu listens, counsels and leads in a way that honors each person’s uniqueness helping them to integrate mind, body and spirit into their personal journey, fostering growth in each step. With her conviction in our connection to Mother Earth as Spirit manifesting in form, Suwaylu facilitates others connection with Spirit through a variety of sacred rituals including guided meditation, prayer, affirmation, personal expression, drumming circles, ceremonies honoring solstices and equinoxes, sweat lodges and rites of passage.
In all that she does, Suwaylu projects the vision that we are all One, worthy and evolving perfectly into the divine spiritual beings we are intended to become. There is only a thin veil that separates us from our divine selves and that veil is easily removed when compassion and unconditional love are present.

Peter Heichler

Grew up living and travelling in many countries around the world, gaining an understanding and appreciation for a wide variety of people and cultures, including a deep respect for our planetary environment. A writer and musician, he has worked in several fields, including music, nursing, woodworking and the healing arts. He has operated a custom cabinet shop for 15 years, and for the last five has been sharing the gift of himself through healing work as a practitioner in massage, neuro-muscular therapy and Reiki. Petros is also co-creator and steward of The Land Celebration, the Chapel's re-creational facility set in Virginia's Blue Ridge Mountains.
Wherever he goes, Petros brings his unique blend of strength, sensitivity and quiet compassion to everything he does. Masterfully balancing his masculine and feminine aspects, his gentle Spirit inspires a sense of confidence, trust, and joy in service to those around him. Insightful and intelligent, Petros freely offers his experience and skills for assisting others in recognizing their true nature as Divine Beings of Light and Love. Through his word, his touch, his songs and his presence, Petros lovingly invites you to step with him into the More of Who We Are.

Jennifer Hudson

Jennifer Hudson is an assistant minister of The Lord’s Chapel. During her years as a young adult, Jennifer was acutely aware of her calling to serve others. Simultaneously since the age of seven she had experienced a deep love for music. At the age of sixteen these two aspects of her Self met in a cathartic moment of awakening to her purpose. As her path has unfolded, Jennifer’s passion for music and genuine care for people fuel her devotion to that purpose- using Music and Sound to invite Awakening.
In addition to offering herself in service to the community at The Lord’s Chapel Sunday morning gatherings, she is the creator and Board Certified Music Therapist of Love Notes Music Therapy*. Most of her services occur at the chapel and include monthly drum circles, kirtan concerts, private crystal bowl healing sessions, music lessons, individual and group music therapy sessions for people with developmental delays. Jennifer brings her gentle compassion and gift of listening to every individual she encounters. She holds a safe space of unconditional Love for re-membering wholeness and the truth of the Divine One that we all are.